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7 Mindshifts Needed to Achieve Anything You Desire

Deciding on a life change can be a rewarding path to take but also a scary one because, let's face it, some people find it difficult to change. It would help if you had the will and a concrete reason to change. So the goal here is to move your life forward naturally. Let's carve it into a skill that comes naturally to you and tackle issues head-on.

As I sat down with myself, I've concluded that these seven steps are crucial to the process and set out to achieve what you have in place for yourself.

1) Take Time to Define Your Vision and Passion

A lot of articles, blog posts, videos you watch will talk about this. Define your vision and passion, but what is it? How can you find it? The simple answer is there is no vision without seeing—experience life. Go out there and discover yourself. Stop living for other people. Feel it, taste it, basically anything (keep it healthy, of course) you can do to experience life and live in the moment. As you keep experiencing things, you'll start to notice what you like and what you enjoy doing. Once this happens, figure out why it's vital for you or why it made you feel a certain way. 

Your vision is what will steer your path. It has to be complete and brutally honest. You must feel it, and it must be clear, which leads to our next point.

2) Become Very Clear and Precise in What You Want

Most people have a pale vision of what they want. Think about it right now, do you know what you want out of your life? Do you know what you enjoy doing in your free time? Take a break from the day-to-day race and think about it. Set out a journal/notepad before you, clear your mind and think hard about it. 

Some action steps for you:

  • Choose a quiet place and time, and stick to it.
  • Write down what you specifically want to achieve and how you'll want to achieve it.
  • Write down everything that comes to mind.

I don't know what it is, but there's something very concrete about writing stuff down. You feel more motivated. You feel calmer, and it feels a lot clearer. It's like having a conversation with your mind and coming out onto paper that's right in front of you. 

Start writing out your mission, dreams and goals and make it into an action plan.

3) Continually Reinforce Your Motivation

After precisely knowing what you want, you'll create an action plan and set out to "get it" for some time. It's crucial to know when you start losing momentum. It happens to everyone. The key is to figure it out as soon as you start falling off. Ask yourself: Who is impacted by my dream? Who stands to benefit from it?

Think about the people you love. Who are you doing it for? Who would impact from you achieving your dreams? Picture it and feel it. Think about who will be influenced to better their lives when they see you working hard and deserving what you want? 

You're only getting stronger at this point. All the people around you will feel your passion and energy, and it will rub off on them. Imagine if this persistence was kept up for at least five years? I'll let that sink in for a bit before proceeding to the following sentence. 

Every time you feel like you need a boost, figure out how you operate and work from there. Visualizing can help tremendously in giving you that boost when you need it. I listen to music and start imagining how I'll be able to impact the lives of my family and make their lives better.

4) Make a Plan to Achieving Your Dream and Start Today

The most important part of this step is to start today. It's time to start planning. In your journal/notepad, write down a plan of action:

  • What skills do I need to achieve my dream?
  • What knowledge do I need to acquire?
  • Is there anyone doing what I'm picturing, and can I learn from them?

The best way is to learn from someone who is already doing what you want to do. There are many ways you can learn from someone you admire. It can be through books, watching YouTube videos, Googling stuff, etc.

When I was planning, I wrote down my skills, the knowledge I already had and what knowledge was needed. That's why OBRO exists today. The mission of OBRO is to change the lives of men around the globe by making them feel more confident. It's a culture and a way of life.

5) Work on Your Beliefs

Our beliefs are external (what we say aloud) and internal (what we feel in our hearts).

The internal beliefs are the ones that are calling the shots about what you feel about yourself, who you are and what you're capable of.

Here are the main reasons why you might have your current core beliefs:

  • Your location
  • Your religion
  • Your family's beliefs
  • Your friend's beliefs
  • Your culture
  • Life experiences

Examples of Positive Core Beliefs

  • Life is good
  • I'm confident
  • People always like me
  • I can do anything I want to do
  • I'm good at a lot of things
  • Good things happen when you make them happen

Beliefs can be re-written through internal work: meditations, daily affirmations, journaling, creative visualizations. Use whatever works for you.

6) Welcome Discipline into Your Life

If you want to master something or achieve your dreams, you're going to have to be consistent every single day and with discipline. What this requires:

1) A daily habit of how you operate every single day to reach your goals and consciously be aware of them. 

2) Being keenly aware of distractions and cutting them out when necessary.

Let's talk more about building a habit. We call it a daily ritual. You must have one that works for you every single day. Don't copy one. Create your own. Start with what time you want to sleep every day and what time you want to wake up. I personally like waking up super early because I like the calm vibes and energy. That's when I get a lot of work done, and it sets me up for the whole day.

The habits you have right now are specifically geared to help you achieve everything you've already achieved. However, if you want something new, you have to change your habits. So, what new patterns can you set for yourself in the pursuit of your dream?

Creating a discipline also requires you to have a distraction alarm equipped when necessary. Multitasking is just a modern myth. The truth is that the most successful people are focused. 

7) Decide to Take 3 Steps to Your Dream Lifestyle Every Single Day

By consistently making small actions every single day, you're setting yourself up for success. Sooner or later, all those small steps will add up. For example, imagine if you did 3 things every day. That's 1095 action steps taken within the year. You'll start to feel the progress you're making, which will want you to do more. These feelings grow into a belief in yourself and shape it into an attitude.

You're in control of your destiny. It's time to take control and move towards your goals! But before getting there, you'll need to have mind shifts that will help you get there. 

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