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5 Facts About Solid Cologne

A truly impressive man — one whose entire being exudes confidence and appeal — takes great pride in selecting just the right things to express his style.

The right clothes, the right grooming, the right accessories, and the right scent.

For a man of distinction, the right scent is one that is superbly blended, intriguing and not something just anyone has.

Maybe you’re interested in cologne but you’re stuck with a bottle you received as a gift that you don’t love and that doesn’t feel like you. Plus, it’s gone within an hour of applying it, and every other guy on the street is wearing the same scent.

You want something that’s going to set you apart and get you noticed. Maybe you’re ready to make the leap to solid colognes.

You heard that right. Cologne comes in solid form, and it’s epic.

If you’re new to fragrance or if you’ve only ever bought your scents at the department store, you may not even be aware that liquid cologne is just one option available to you (and it’s not even the best option). Cologne also comes in solid form, and it’s got so much more going for it than the traditional spray bottle stuff.

Solid cologne is made from essential oils that are blended into a base of beeswax and/or shea butter to create a soft, spreadable balm that you can use your fingers to apply to your pulse points.

The heat from your body melts the balm into your skin and interacts with the fragrance compounds to generate the kind of subtle and sophisticated aura of scent that makes people lean in and say “wow, you smell amazing!”

Here are 5 reasons why you should switch to Solid Cologne.

1. Solid cologne won’t dry out your skin

Did you know that liquid cologne is mostly alcohol? That’s how it evaporates so quickly when you spray it on your skin. And when it evaporates, it also takes some of the moisture out of your skin with it. Over time, this can lead to redness, itchiness, and other skin issues.

Solid colognes actually have the opposite effect — they moisturize and nourish your skin. They are usually made with a base of natural oils and waxes that glide smoothly over the skin and sink in, hydrating your skin while scenting it.

This is also what makes them more stable and less volatile than liquid colognes. Alcohol-based scents can degrade and lose their potency when exposed to light and heat, and their fragrance notes just naturally shift over time. 

Solid fragrance stays true to its scent profile so that your signature scent smells good and smells right

2. Solid cologne works with your body chemistry to produce a scent that is uniquely yours

Speaking of your signature scent, that’s another area where solid cologne kicks liquid cologne’s ass.

So many men are out and about wearing the exact same liquid fragrance, and it’s totally killing their vibe without them even knowing it. Imagine seeing 10 men all wearing the same outfit and sporting the same hairstyle. What does it say about them? Lack of imagination at best and conformity at worst. It’s the same with cookie-cutter, mass-produced liquid colognes.

However, there’s a kind of alchemy that happens when you apply solid cologne to your skin. Your natural body chemistry mingles with the essential oils in the solid fragrance to create a scent that is distinctively yours.

This means you don’t run the risk of smelling just like Steve from accounting and Marcus from the gym.

What’s more, the right solid cologne absorbs into your skin and becomes part of you in a way that liquid cologne, which sits on your clothes and hair, never could. It will have people thinking you don’t wear fragrance at all — you just naturally smell amazing. 

3. You can apply solid cologne discreetly 

There’s an etiquette to personal grooming, and we don’t have to tell you that pulling out a big bottle at the office to apply a few sprays is a big no-no. Liquid sprays tend to be bulky, and just one spray can cover a huge radius, hitting innocent bystanders and ruffling feathers. 

Solid colognes typically come in small tins that are no bigger than a pack of breath mints. You can slip them out of your pocket and freshen your scent pretty much anywhere without anyone noticing.

They’ll just wonder what suddenly smells so good.

4. Solid cologne is subtle and sophisticated

We’ve all known men who leave a powerful fragrance trail in their wake. Twenty minutes after they get off at their floor, the elevator still smells like their liquid cologne. This kind of man gets noticed, but for all the wrong reasons.

The best fragrances don’t shout. They whisper. It should be a privilege to get close enough to someone to enjoy their personal scent.

Solid colognes sit close to the skin so that you project an aura that intrigues rather than repels.

5. You can take solid cologne with you wherever you go

Jet-setters and men on the go need personal products that can go with them anywhere and at a moment’s notice. Spray bottles are large, clumsy, can smash open and spill everywhere, and will raise a few eyebrows with the TSA.

In this, solid cologne once again reigns supreme.

It’s portable, lightweight, smash-proof, won’t leak, and won’t get you flagged by airport security.

Just throw your solid scent in your bag or your pocket and be on your way, whether it’s to work, the gym, a date, or the tarmac.

Have you ever had someone start coughing and sneezing after you sprayed on a little too much cologne?

You’ll never experience this embarrassing faux pas with a solid fragrance. Solid fragrances simply don’t project outward with the same nuclear strength that liquid colognes do.

And with more and more public places being designated “scent-free zones,” liquid colognes are on the way out, clearing the way for the more subtle and less overpowering scent experience solid fragrances offer.

After all, it’s just good manners to keep your scent (and your cards) close to your chest.

Obro solid fragrances are made for the modern man

Good manners and good grooming are no small thing to us at Obro. We’re all about putting our best foot forward and living a life of excellence. And that means moving with style, grace, courtesy, and sophistication.

We believe that when you look good, you feel good. And when you feel good, you become unstoppable.

This is what inspired us to create our exclusive line of small-batch, artisanal solid colognes. They’re for men who want to excel beyond their limits and exude confidence that comes from within.

We also want to make it easy for you to live your values without sacrificing style and taste. Everything that goes into our products is selected with care so that there’s no conflict between choosing what works for you and what’s good for you. Our motto is “simply choose the best and forget about the rest.”

Suave men don’t douse themselves in the cheap stuff

As cologne wearers ourselves, we care about quality and excellence.

That's why we put a ton of research into each and every one of our scents, and all of our products are handcrafted in small batches from ingredients sourced in Canada. We want the best for our customers and for ourselves.

Exclusive scents you can’t get just anywhere

One thing that we don’t do at Obro is rest on our laurels and let things go stale. We’re constantly researching, experimenting, and thinking ahead to our next batch of exclusive, handcrafted solid scents.

Our products are seasonal and limited edition, which means once they sell out, they’re gone for good. You have to strike while the iron is hot or risk missing out.

Each scent comes in a sleek matte black metal tin with enough solid cologne to last for up to two months of regular use. Simply slide back the top, dip in a finger, and apply to your pulse points to activate the scent.

"My girlfriend won’t leave me alone since I started wearing this."

Our 2021 collection includes four scents inspired by royalty, for the modern man who wants to feel good, smell great, and conquer the world.

Here’s a rundown of our latest exclusive scents:

Obro Solid Cologne: THRONE

Inspiration behind the scent

More than a place, a throne is a state of mind. Your throne is your seat of power and where you make your best decisions. Throne solid cologne lets you take your power with you wherever you go, whether it’s the boardroom, the penthouse, or the local pub.

Scent profile

Throne is an intoxicating blend of Hawaiian mist and tobacco leaf.

Wear it for:

  • A night out on the town
  • A first-class flight to Maui
  • Smoking cigars at a private club
  • Whenever you want to reclaim your power

What men are saying about THRONE:

“My girlfriend won’t leave me alone since I started wearing this.”

Get your hands on a limited edition tin of THRONE.

Obro Solid Cologne: REIGN

Inspiration behind the scent

Your life is your reign over your own world, so consider the possibilities and then make them happen. Who will you be and what will you create?

Scent profile

Reign features fresh peony and spicy bergamot awash in cooling aquatic notes.

Wear it for: 

  • An after workout pick-me-up
  • A wedding by the seaside
  • A round of cocktails on the patio
  • Whenever you want to dream big

What men are saying about REIGN:

“Reign is definitely my favourite, highly recommend.”

Get your hands on a limited edition tin of REIGN.

Obro Solid Cologne: PHARAOH

Inspiration behind the scent

A crown doesn’t make a pharaoh — his whole being defines him as a ruler. At the heart of his allure is contradiction: he is strong yet sensitive, fearless yet prudent, and imaginative yet practical. Embody this masculine archetype and rise to your destiny.

Scent profile

Pharaoh is built on a subtly sweet sandalwood base with fresh citrus top notes. 

Wear it for: 

  • Transitioning seamlessly from day to night
  • A stroll through the Egyptian history museum
  • A trip to the pyramids of Giza
  • Whenever you want to rise in power

What men are saying about PHARAOH:

“This smell got me a date with the girl I’ve liked for so long. A compliment turned into a conversation and voila! Don’t think I’ll go back to spray cologne.”

Get your hands on a limited edition tin of PHARAOH. 

Obro Solid Cologne: MONARCH

Inspiration behind the scent

Within every man is a monarch waiting to emerge. Join a tradition of rulers that reaches back to the dawn of civilization and build your own legacy.

Scent profile

Monarch is a warm, woody, spicy blend featuring vanilla, floral notes, and a dose of passionate spice.

Wear it for: 

  • A trip downtown
  • A rendezvous with your queen
  • Wandering the woods at midnight
  • Whenever you want to stop settling and start living your vision

What men are saying about MONARCH:

“Switched from my long-standing spray cologne to the solid form with Obro. The compliments I received assured me I made the right decision."

Get your hands on a limited edition tin of MONARCH.

Try solid cologne risk-free with our 100% money-back guarantee

You don’t have to worry about getting stuck with a cologne that you never wear and that will collect dust on your dresser for the next three years. We create scents that are meant to be worn in every aspect of your daily life, and we’re committed to making sure each and every one of our customers are thrilled with their purchase.

In the rare case that you don’t love your Obro solid cologne, you can return it within 30 days for a full refund, no questions asked.

The bros behind Obro

Our mighty team of two founds, (Adeel and Mark) has more than a decade of combined experience in the men’s grooming industry. We’ve seen it all: the good, the bad, and the ugly.

This gave us a clear understanding of what men want and how they want to feel. So we learned everything we could from the industry’s mistakes and used that knowledge to build a brand that helps men live the lives they want to live and be the men they want to be.

What we learned is that men want to look their best and feel confident without having to struggle or put a ton of time into a daily grooming regimen.

And we can relate because we feel exactly the same way. We want to look and feel good in an effortless way.

Our experience in the grooming industry and our experience as men trying to live their best lives showed us something important. If you want to shatter limitations and become the highest version of yourself, you need to define yourself in every way, from your standards to your personal style. And your style isn’t complete without a signature scent.

We can help you choose a scent that compliments your personality and your lifestyle.

Could a solid scent change your life?

Once you’ve found your perfect signature scent, who knows what could happen? Maybe the boost it gives you makes you decide to style your hair a little differently, update your wardrobe, go for that promotion, strike up a conversation with an attractive stranger, or book a flight to that place you’ve always wanted to go. All because you decided to unleash your confidence by taking care of and staying true to yourself.

Does this seem outlandish? Not to us. We’ve seen it happen before. And it will happen to many more as they step into their power and start building the life they always dreamed of, one decision at a time.

Will you be one of them?

Find Your Signature Scent 

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