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7 Reasons Why Solid Cologne is Superior to Liquid Cologne

Solid vs Liquid? Is Solid Cologne More Superior to Liquid Spray? 

You might not know this (most people don't) but the origin of your favorite fragrance is actually a solid cologne. The Egyptians were the first once to intentionally make a fragrance that you could wear and they made it as a solid cologne by making it in a wax. 

Other than its origins, Obro solid cologne holds many benefits in comparison to spray cologne. 

Here are 7 Reasons Why Solid Cologne is Superior to Liquid Spray Cologne:

  1. Obro Solid Cologne comes made in sliding tin while liquid comes in glass. Making it 100% less breakable than traditional spray cologne!
  2. While liquid colognes are made up of 80% alcohol and water, Obro solid cologne is made with wax. Wax allows the cologne to last a much longer time and won't have any risk of it evaporating under the sun or changing in smell under temperature changes.
  3. Convenience and portability! Obro solid cologne is designed to take anywhere you please. Simply put it in your pocket and conquer your day. No more big bottles!
  4. TSA Approved! Because of Obro Solid Cologne being small and portable it is travel safe!
  5. If you deal with dry skin you know that it is impossible to find a liquid cologne that doesn't irritate and make your skin worse because of the alcohol content! Tradition liquid cologne is made up of essential oils and 80% alcohol and water, while Obro Solid Cologne is made from essential oils, vitamins, minerals and wax. Basically the same cologne, but with benefits!
  6. Solid cologne is used as it is intended to be used.. on your skin! Most people have the tendency to spray liquid cologne onto their clothing along with their skin, cologne is actually intended to be applied to skin and mix with your natural oils to create a scent that is unique to you!
  7. Finally, our scents are amazing and smell more like the ingredients within the cologne because of how little it is diluted in comparison to liquid cologne. Try solid cologne once and you'll wonder why you haven't tried it sooner!

If this has peaked some interest in solid cologne, have a look out our seasonal collection! We handcraft our solid cologne in small batches for a limited time so try and get one while supply lasts!

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