In a world where men are to a particular standard as “men,” the only thing that outwardly shows our “manliness” is our confidence. 

How do you show confidence without saying a word? You wear it, that’s how. 

Coming from 10 years of experience in the men’s grooming industry, it is evident all men want more confidence and feel their best selves. However, there’s a consensus that men do not know where to begin grooming themselves and don’t want it to be complicated. We don’t know how good we can look until we leave the barbershop or salon. Even then, we are in the hands of our barber or stylist.

The Idea

It all began with an idea. We were talking after hours in a barbershop. Our sole mission and purpose were to create confidence in men all around the world. We started by giving makeovers to those in need of a confidence boost at the barbershop. Small gestures go a long way, and if something as simple as feeling good gives a better chance at creating happiness, even just for a day, it’s worth it to us. This feeling gave us the need to provide and make others feel good. So we asked ourselves a straightforward question when we wanted to bring our idea, providing a confidence boost to the masses. Why not? 

We used everything wrong in the industry and learned from it. For example, we learned that men want to look their best and be confident without achieving it. Thus, our first products were born. We created products that would instantly boost self-confidence.

The Mission

Our mission is just that: self-confidence. Our mission is to reach potential. Our mission is to elevate. What good are we if we aren’t uplifting one another? Our vision became clear with our passion for creating products to be proud of, combined with an urge to give back.

The Trust

At Obro Labs, we used our professional experience and knowledge to curate products that you can trust. Trust in knowing that we will give you the confidence you deserve. We are keeping quality higher than the expectation because we want to see it in our daily routines. When you look good, you feel good, and, at that point, there is no other option than to do great things.

Giving back to those in need

Every product sold is a dollar added to unlock a makeover we give to the needy. The feeling to give back in a way that isn’t just monetary but in a way to revive someone emotionally is one of the greatest feelings in the world. The time is now. We’re working hard, so you don’t have to. We vow to bring men the confidence they want and need. Our products will do just that, and so will your purchase.

Opposing Boundaries, Reforming Opulence - that’s OBRO.