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The Best Hair Styling Powder for Men to Use

Hair styling powder is one of the more under-utilized hair styling products. Still, if you talk to hair stylists, they'll tell you repeatedly that it's their secret weapon.

Why? It adds volume and grit to any style to help you achieve that perfectly messy, second-day-hair look. Plus, it's travel-friendly, making it easy to throw in your weekend gym bag to ensure your style stays on point. Hair styling powder also works GREAT for men with thinning hair because it makes your hair more volumized and thick.

For example, if you look at the OBRO Volume Boost Powder, it was engineered to feel like nothing is in your hair while giving you the perfect hairstyle or thick-fuller hair.

We've tested A LOT of hairstyling powder on the market today. Most hair styling powders feel sticky, gluelike, or damp on your head. They don't consider the user's experience and the feeling of the hair.

Benefits of OBRO volume boost powder

Is Hair Styling Powder for You?

There are two main uses for hairstyling powder:

  1. Style your hair that gives you a matte, natural finish (pair it with a bit of pomade to have a natural shine to your hair).
  2. Make your thin hair look fuller and thicker.

P.S. If you're looking for hair styling powder, try this one out. Also, it comes with a 30-day 100% money-back policy. We got you covered!

Let's face it, as guys, we wake up, take a shower, use 5-in-1 shampoos (lol), and suit up. Unfortunately, it takes ages for some to style our hair and head out the door. But, with hair styling powder, it takes less than 30 seconds! Literally.

Some hair styling powders are multi-functional: part dry shampoo, part styling product. Some hair powders even help give the appearance of thicker, fuller hair thanks to the addition of colour and/or hair-building fibres. Most hair powders are made from natural ingredients like rice powder, clay, or corn starch, which add instant volume and texture while at the same time soaking up excess oils.

BROTip— It's essential to use a clarifying shampoo every few days while using hair styling powder to prevent build-up on the scalp.

What's So Good About Hair Styling Powder?

Hair powders add volume to thin hair without weighing it down or making it look too stiff. Plus, they can also help hold a style in place. As a result, it's a popular product for hairstylists and groomers who use it on their celebrity clients for red carpets and events. And if you happen to have long hair, it's the perfect 2-in-1 styling product you need.

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