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THINFIX® Hair Growth Routine

GUARANTEE: Results within 12 weeks or receive a full refund!

  • You can achieve strong and healthy hair growth and prevent thinning hair with our exceptional hair care regimen. Our formula is crafted by esteemed dermatologists and contains 100% pure rosemary and tea tree oil, which expertly fortify and thicken hair while repairing damaged follicles. Additionally, the natural antioxidants and anti-inflammatory properties promote hair growth and boost blood circulation, resulting in a revitalized, healthier scalp and a lustrous head of hair.

    What does it do?

    - Increase hair growth

    - Repairs dry scalp

    - Slows down hair loss

    - Increase blood flow

    - Reduces inflammation

    - Naturally scented

  • 1) Target thinning areas on your scalp by using the THINFIX Roll-On Serum and leave in for about 10 minutes.

    2) Clean scalp and hair using THINFIX Shampoo.

    3) Apply THINFIX Conditioner to the scalp and hair.

    Safe for daily use. Results within 12 weeks are guaranteed.