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Is Solid Cologne Useful?

Remember those times of walking into the restaurant to meet your date that is waiting at your table and right before walking in you pull out your bottle of cologne from your pocket for a little extra confidence and to smell sexy? Neither do I. 

There has never been a time where it was cool or convenient to pull out a bottle of cologne from your pocket. I mean, who could even stuff a bottle of cologne in their pocket? Especially these days when the pants seem to be getting smaller by the day! I have been longing for the day that cologne for men became portable. I was the same person that would save the sample of a cologne out of a magazine in my pocket to use for later! I was also the same guy who was throwing his cologne bottle away when security wouldn't allow me to get on an airplane with it. 

Little did I know, but there was something better out there. Better in every sense of the term. Better smelling, better lasting, better for you and last but not least, better in convenience than the outdated spray cologne. I could go on for days about everything that makes solid cologne superior to spray cologne, but that’s not why I’m here. I’m here to talk convenience!

I have never, in my life, had something so convenient that I didn’t know I’d use as much as I do now. I catch myself in moments needing to “freshen up” or give myself a confidence boost in knowing that I can walk into a room and at any moment I may receive a “mm you smell good, what is that?” That right there is what it’s about. If it wasn’t for the convenience of solid cologne I wouldn’t have scored myself a hot date or even spark the conversation I had with a new potential client! 

This day and age is one heck of a lot different than recent past. Majority of us are wearing masks and are unable to travel. Though, solid cologne makes some interesting realizations. When we are able to travel have confidence in knowing solid cologne is tsa approved! Meaning, you won't have to throw out your cologne like I did. In addition, since were all wearing masks and have a harder time to attract the crush you desire with our faces, it would be a much easier conversation starter to either: smell good walking past or pull it out and use it to make them say "hey, what is that?" 

Imagine Obro solid cologne so convenient that it completely changes your day to day activity. It may change your lifestyle, strike a conversation, exude confidence, and even be a life saver in the most opportune moments.

No exaggeration, if you haven’t tried tried solid cologne you really don’t know what you’re missing. It’s compact nature and all-natural ingredients are second to none. Conveniently convenient. Fits in the palm of your hands, your change pocket and is travel approved. It’s an enhancement that I wish I had sooner.

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