Our mission

What it's all about

Do know the feeling that you get when leaving your favourite stylist or barber? The one that makes you give yourself a double take when looking in the mirror? An indescribable feeling. The ultimate confidence boost. That’s it. That’s the feeling we strive for our people. Feeling confident always.

Founded in 2020

The feeling of confidence leaving a barber chair is what sparked the idea to create a brand that did just that: Build confidence through products that make you look and feel your best.

Official Launch

Realizing the lack of options when it came to hairstyling for men our first product came to fruition: Volume Boost Powder. The first of its kind, hairstyling without feeling wet and sticky.

Volume Boost Powder - OBRO

First Feature

With more word spread about OBRO came attention from various publications. GQ was the first to feature us in several campaigns.

Natural Care

Becoming obsessed with pain solving solutions, we found the largest absence in our industry is natural products. Eliminating unnecessary chemicals that are causing more harm than good.

How it started

The spark

Countless conversations of shared insecurities with clients over the past decade is what sparked the idea: A brand born with the goal of eliminating personal care insecurities and bring ease in knowing that being confident isn’t complicated.

What we value as a brand

Our goal

Confidence is key

OBRO strives for it’s CONFIDENCE. Building confidence within ourselves through products that we have confidence in. Backed by 14 years in the personal care industry, each and every one of our products are developed with the highest standard we would only use ourselves first.