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Every man reigns supreme in his world - no regrets. You have the keys to the city - the power to deliver on those goals. Every reign starts with a call for change, the confidence to act, and a will to make it all happen. You are a dream-maker. You are a believer - a creator of possibilities. What is the realm that you will create? How will you define your reality? The choice has always been yours - embrace your true identity.

Scent Profile

Discover your best self with Reign, a handcrafted fragrance featuring peony and tones of spicy bergamot. Its aquatic fragrance will revitalize your senses. The best part? Its mellow scent makes it ideal as an everyday companion - straight after the gym, before a party, or for a wedding - you’ll stay fresh, cool, and confident without compromise. Your Reign begins now, usher in the era of revolution. Become the change you desire. It's time.