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      THINFIX® Hair Growth Routine

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      Introducing our scientifically formulated 3-step hair growth regimen, designed to combat hair loss, stimulate hair growth, and preserve the strength and vitality of your hair. Each product in this routine is enriched with an array of plant-derived growth factors, enhancing the nurturing process for hair follicles. Furthermore, the inherent antioxidants and anti-inflammatory properties not only promote hair growth but also improve blood circulation, leading to a rejuvenated, healthier scalp and a radiant mane of hair.

      Infused with 100% pure rosemary & tea tree essential oil

      Results shown in as little as 45 days

      Helps reduce hair loss & encourage new growth

      Drug-free & safe for everyday use

      85% of customers prefer Obro Labs over all other solutions they have tried

      “The rosemary plant contains carnosic acid, which is known to heal nerve damage, tissue damage, and improve cellular turnover. Therefore, it encourages nerve growth and improves blood circulation. The reason blood circulation is so important to hair growth is that without a proper blood supply, the follicles do not get the nutrients they need to grow the hair, and they can die off.”

      - Marnie N., MD, FAAD, a board-certified dermatologist.

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      Rosemary vs Minoxidil

      The objective of this research study is to compare the effects of rosemary essential oil and minoxidil on hair loss and growth. The goal is to understand whether rosemary essential oil can be as effective or potentially more beneficial than minoxidil. Rosemary essential oil yielded better results.


      of participants using rosemary essential oil reported experiencing less hair loss compared to Minoxidil


      of participants using rosemary essential oil had a clinically tested reduction in hair loss compared to Minoxidil


      of participants using rosemary essential oil had a clinically tested increase in hair density compared to Minoxidil

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      Hair loss can be reduced

      As long as there are active hair follicles, there is a chance for growth. But how to know if they’re active? In most early-stage hair loss cases, the follicles are still capable of growing hair. They just need some help.

      What’s the cause of hair loss?

      Hair loss can be triggered by many factors: genetics, hormones, medication, illness, or lifestyle. But often, these all affect one crucial thing:

      The hair’s growth cycle.

      Ideally, around 90% of your hairs are actively growing at any one time (growth phase). The remaining 10% are in their resting & shedding phase.

      Hair loss happens when these numbers shift toward the shedding phase.

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      A lot of people out there are also as sceptical as I was before I tried it


      After I started on the products, I took images of my results as you suggest on the website, and actually already after 3 months, I could see a huge difference. When I saw the difference I felt that I was really blooming. It was really nice that I could feel it when I also took my hand through my hair, it was so nice! My hairdresser actually ended up buying your products for her husband, because she could see the difference the products had on me and she just want to do the best she can for her husband.

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      Effective active ingredients

      Formulated with effective quality ingredients. Every active ingredient has been chosen based on a rigorous review of scientific literature and are all evaluated by a third-party laboratory to ensure quality. All ingredients are 100% vegan. The formula is inspired by nature, with many of the active ingredients being either naturally-derived or produced to mimic the exact same molecular structure.


      Lactobacillus Probiotic Ferment

      Scientifically backed ability to support a healthy scalp microbiome, can promote optimal hair growth by strengthening your hair follicles and enhancing nutrient absorption.



      Boost hair growth by improving blood circulation and infusing your hair follicles with essential nutrients, paving the way for thicker and healthier hair.



      Enhances hair growth by stimulating the scalp, nourishing your hair follicles, and soothing inflammation, making it a potent ingredient for luscious and healthy hair.


      Red Clover Flower

      Abundant in isoflavones that stimulate hair follicles, can be a game-changer for promoting robust hair growth.



      Boosts blood flow to hair follicles, promoting faster and healthier growth. It's your go-to natural solution for combating hair thinning and loss.


      Tea Tree

      A proven natural ingredient that can boost hair growth by unclogging hair follicles and nourishing the roots.

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      Frequently Asked Questions

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      Money-Back Guarantee

      If you don’t see results in 150 days, we’ll refund you

      Hair loss is stressful enough without money worries. So let us take the risk for you. If you don’t see results in 150 days, we’ll refund you. We only ask you to follow 3 simple steps.

      Step 1: Document your journey

      Take a photo of the treated area each month, starting pre-treatment. You might be surprised at how much progress you’ve made!

      Step 2: Use the routine daily

      Make sure to apply Roll-On Serum every day, even if you skip the shampoo and conditioner.

      Step 3: Stick to it for 150 days

      Follow the routine over a 150-day period. This is the period in which our customers have seen noticeable results.