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A Throne is where you command your power. Every man makes his best decisions from his Throne. Traditional Thrones refer to comfy chairs encrusted with gems - but why limit yourself? You should be free to go wherever you want and make a winning impression every time. Imagine a Throne that you can take wherever you go - whether it's to your neighbourhood pub or halfway across the world. It's the perfect scent for a night out. You’ll gain all the right attention without missing a beat. After all, true power lies within - all you need is a little encouragement.

Scent Profile

Throne is the ideal fragrance for the classy modern man with sophisticated charm. Enjoy an intoxicating blend of Hawaiian mist and tobacco leaf that pampers the senses, unlike any other fragrance. You'll have those conversations you've always wanted, open doors to new places. With Throne, the world is yours for the taking - asking is merely a formality. Embrace power like never before. It's yours.