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Pharaoh serves as a paradigm of the masculine form - the perfect paradox. He is strong but sensitive, fearless but prudent, imaginative but practical. With his will, he brings all dreams to fruition and is the epitome of man. Women found them irresistible, with an aura that is undeniably charming. It's time to rise. Pharaohs don't need crowns or sceptres to prove themselves to the world - their word alone is the law. Become the Pharaoh you were born to be - embrace your identity.

Scent Profile

Pharaoh embodies its name with a robust but subtly sweet fragrance. Delight your senses with hints of soothing sandalwood combined with fresh citrus that revisit the luxury of ancient times. Its perfectly balanced scent makes it ideal for every kind of engagement, day or night. We handcraft each product to ensure it reflects the unique personality of you, the modern-day Pharaoh. Every alpha has their moment.